lakeview evening

a little sample of the style I hope to capture in paris
song bloodflow by alt-j


welcome. this is my first truly written blog post, very exciting. this blog is designed to be simply whatever i want it to be. this can range from art, to lifestyle, to opinion, and beyond. one criticism of my generation is that we document everything. well i might have to agree. this will simply be an expression of thought, and a representation of my life. not all photos are mine, not everything you see will be created by me. because lets face it there are plenty of creative people and i am just lucky enough to be around to see it all. so here are a few things i have been enjoying these days.


gramatik -the age of reason-

not every song is my favourite but nice to wake up to and jam

dirty projectors-bitte orca-

individual songs sound different yet you can tell they are all the same artist

listen to all the time, walking to class, relaxing, homework


french pronunciations – great for learning to say random statements

cat in water- anything interesting to look at would be an awesome job to post to their site


adrian baxter- lovely illustrator


graeme gibson-bedside book of beasts-

with luv – @wildnrebellion